" Dr. Baburaj is an amazing Consultant Rheumatologist. My experience of his services have been excellent in every way possible. I suffered a very painful attack of gout in my left toe and was very scared and upset by this whole issue. I contacted Dr. Baburaj and he immediately returned my email and was able to see me on a Saturday morning which was really convenient. He confirmed the diagnosis and his calm and professional manner immediately helped to relax me. Dr. Baburaj's advice on how to manage my condition was excellent and very helpful. His advice was clear, honest and reassuring. The treatment he recommended resolved my issue and I was pain free and very grateful.

Dr. Baburaj spent considerable time with me in all of the consultations and they never felt rushed in any way and I asked every possible question I could think of and all the answers were very helpful and really helped to not only educate me but to also reassure me. I know if I contact him he will always be available and try his best to help. I cannot sing this wonderful consultants praises enough and will always be grateful for his excellent treatment and help. I am a specialist dentist myself and I know all about providing a good service. I always expect a good service, but I am really impressed by an outstanding service and feel Dr. Baburaj has delivered this on every occasion I have sought his help. Thank you very much Dr. Baburaj and keep up the good work."